101-0007 MicroLink HART Protocol Modem USB Interface

MicroLink provides the hardware interface between Highway Addressable Remote Transducer devices (HART®) and a Windows® PC with a USB port. Universal Serial Bus (USB) drivers make MicroLink compatible with most software developed for RS232 serial port interface modems. MicroLink appears as an RS232 Com port to your software. Unlike using a USB to serial converter with an RS232 modem — MicroLink and included software drivers take care of timing and handshake issues unique to the HART protocol.


The 101-0007 has been replaced
by the 101-0027 USB HART modem.


For a HART modem with an RS-232 interface see 101-0005.





FCC CE Approved


  • Complete HART device interface
  • Drivers enable virtual RS-232 port for compatibility with existing software
  • Complies with HART physical layer
  • Transformer isolation simplifies loop connections and eliminates grounding effects
  • Rubber and stainless steel enclosure handles rough field use
  • Super low power design for extended portable computer battery life
  • Includes USB drivers for Windows 7, Vista, XP, and 2000