HART Protocol Products





RS-232 HART Protocol Modem

The RS232 MicroLink HART protocol modem connects to a standard 9-pin RS-232 serial port. It is easy to setup because there are no drivers to install. Simply set your COM port number to match your hardware and MicroLink is ready to use. Power is taken from the RS-232 handshake lines so there is no need for an external power supply. Check the available ports on your computer before making a selection. Some computers and laptops do not include an RS-232 serial port so you may need the
101-0027 USB to HART protocol modem.

Includes the PACTware FDT frame, and the fully licensed Generic HART DTM-4.

USB HART Protocol Modem

Replaces the 101-0007 HART Modem

The USB MicroLink HART protocol modem provides a simple link between a PC and HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter) devices. It is HART compliant and maintains compatibility with HART software originally developed for RS-232 modems. USB software drivers, included with MicroLink, make the modem appear to your HART software as though it were connected to an RS-232 port.

Includes the PACTware FDT frame, and the fully licensed Generic HART DTM-4.

DIN Mount USB HART Protocol Modem

This DIN rail mounted modem is the same as our 101-0027 HART protocol modem but designed to be installed in an equipment rack for applications that need a permanent or quick easy access to a HART connection. It includes a status LED to monitor HART traffic and connection health.

Microflex Generic HART Software

The Microflex Generic DTM or Device Type Manager is installed into the PACTware FDT frame providing a simple solution that works with any HART field device. The Generic HART DTM and PACTware frame supports HART common practice and universal commands. Not all functions will be available but in many applications the generic DTM may be the cost effective solution to your HART device configuration needs.

OEM InLink HART Protocol Modem

InLink-CC is a highly integrated HART protocol modem module for OEM applications. InLink-CC simplifies HART device development because all of the HART physical layer design is included. Use the InLink-TC if galvanic isolation is required.

OEM InLink HART Protocol Modem

InLink-TC is a low power single board HART protocol modem for OEM applications. Requires a 3.3 volt to 5 volt logic, the InLink modem simplifies HART master development. InLink modulates and demodulates 1200 BAUD serial data to the HART protocol and can be easily interfaced to most micro controllers and processors.

InLink Evaluation Board

InLink modules are complete HART protocol modems for OEM applications. The InLink Evaluation board includes a socket for the InLink-TC modem and RS-232 tranceivers to provides a convinent method to easlily evaluate the InLink-TC modem.

Soft-side Zipper top case (3" x 4" x 2")

Our soft-sided case is the perfect way to store your MicroLink modem or RS-485 converter. This case has plenty of room for extension cables or other related accessories.

6ft USB Extension Cable

These cables can be added to the PC side of your MicroLink HART protocol modem or RS- 485 converter to give you some extra working distance. USB specifications limit how long the extension can be so we recommend adding only one 6 feet extension.

6ft RS-232 Extension Cable

Extension cables allows for increased distance between the modem or converter and your computer. RS-232 devices can be extended up to 50 feet. Extension cables have a straight though pin-out with male to female connectors.